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A Women Wares Flower Textile





Rhododendron Golden Torch


Russell Lupine

About The Artist

Graduated in  Faculty  of Architecture  at  King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang (First Class Honors) 

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Exhibition /Experience   
2018   Early Years Project 2   Exhibition  at BACC 7th Floors 
2017   Emotion As Reason  SOLO Exhibition at Bangkok  University Gallery         
2015   UOB Painting of the year  Exhibition  at BACC              
- Finalist Art Forward Fund Award   at  MOCA museum             
- Art Forward Fund Award  exhibition at  MOCA Museum of Contemporary Art              
- “artphradabos” exhibition at  HoF Art Space               
- SOLO  Exhibition “ BRANDNEW Art Project 2015 ”  at  Bangkok  University  Gallery  
- The 6th Young Artists Talent Art Exhibition  at Royal Thai Consulate General , Los  Angeles.               
-  'Initial Line Thesis Exhibition'19   
2014 HOFEST  ณ Hof Art Space At W District  
- The 31st Exhibition of Contemporary Art by Young Artists   at  Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center – RCAC  
-  26th Toshiba “Brings Good Things to Life” Art Exhibition  at  The National Gallery Bangkok                            
- 16th Panasonic  Contemporary  Painting Exhibition   at   The National Gallery Bangkok 
- 4th Asia Plus Art Exhibition   at The Queen's Gallery, Bangkok
- 7th  "Bualuang 101 Art Competition" at The Queen's Gallery, Bangkok   
2013 THAI – NIYOM  Art  Exhibition  at Brown Sugar    

Artist's Statement
Thailand artist Chumsri started to fall in love with impressionism when she studied painting in her university. She needed to create a painting with a unique impressionistic style, so she had to adjust the idea of impressionism to make it her own. The social network, which comprises of platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Google, is a new space which connected people from around the world. People can share their stories, ideas, lifestyles, and give comments online. Chumsri got interested in this space, so she used it as an inspiration to start her contemporary paintings; contemporary impressionism. She became interested in the language of painting, which she tried to do research on and find its meaning. She thinks that her painting is telling her emotional story and passion. 

I noticed that the ancient impressionism contains only forests like landscapes and trees. And I just catch sight of the new area for the modern time which nobody had picked it up for use before in the art history. I can see it.I can truly see it!! It’s the area where we all spend some parts of life on. It is “Social Network” which was used to be the public area that people from every parts of the world come together and communicate. That is what happen in this era. I record the pictures of area which I can see through digital screen focusing on Instagram because I think this place is full of colour fulfilled from lots of pictures shared. For me, the pictures shown on Instagram aren’t picture of people.They’re the pictures of area because I see them through the screen.They’re just the area on electronic screen for me. It’s true that pictures origin are from people, but those pictures come from camera and stand on electronic media, not anymore people.I t’ is light that gather together into a shape and any other art figure. While I am painting, I will zoom picture in until it’s blurred. I will see something in that small screen and use my feeling and temper to create works. In the past,the artists recorded picture of natural lights. But for me I record it from the light from electronic screen. In my opinion, this is the contemporary impressionism. Art is more interesting than I have thought because those arts can cure me from the psychiatry’s symptom. It’s like a therapy. I get better and better. While I’m painting, l always feel like I am on another world.