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Born in Korea in 1963 and having attained his Masters in Fine Arts from Keimyung University, Korea, in 2007, the adept Lee Jung Woong never fails to astound. Using Korean rice paper and Western oil paint to bring poetic and almost literal life into his subjects. His Chinese brushes and ebony ink, ink splotches, swipes and bleeds showcase dynamism and motion that far surpasses a simple two-dimensional image, accompanied by gleaming wood and brush hairs that are visible in the coarseness of every individual strand. The amount of detailing renders his works flawless, sometimes causing viewers to lean in, trying to find the brushstrokes that created the glossy smoothness of the handles, the soaked transience of the paper and the compliance of every brush hair.

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Extending from chaotic splashes of ink to cleansing bold strokes on a background of clarity, the artist instills the depicted inanimate object with emotion and spirituality, using space and altering the placement of background and foreground to expatiate the yin and yang he portrays. From vast expanses to crowded canvases, the dynamism of his brush in its hyper-realistic rendering emanates intangibility that strikes the mind and stirs the soul, adding an amplitude of meaning to his stunning aesthetics and resulting in a perceptive masterpiece of infinite motion. Contrasting colors and spiritual energies is not the end of his elaborate expression, however, as his choice of western style and paint to depict a Chinese object is as much a play on culture contrasts as it is on the artist and his subject.  Lee Jung Woong’s works are hence, multifaceted in both meaning and visuals - their magnificence is only amplified by a variety of interpretation. Through his veritable array of manners of perception and viewing, the artist’s ‘Brush’ series has found success all over the world; Lee has had his works exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions worldwide in countries such as America, Switzerland, Singapore and Spain, and was featured in auctions by Sothebys and Christies. He is becoming an increasingly sought-after artist in prestigious collections the world over.



Strokes of Perception, Ode to Art Contemporary, Kuala Lumpur

Suseong Artpia, Maek-Hyang Gallery, Daegu, Korea
Motion in Stillness, Ode To Art Contemporary, Singapore

Gana Art New Yor, NY, Chelsea
Tsubaki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
Gallery TN, Beijing, China

Gana Art Gallery, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

Lee, Whaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea
GSR Gallery, Beijing, China

Gallery Wil, Seoul, Korea

Gallery M, Daegu, KoreaInsa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

Debec Plaza Gallery, Daegu, Korea
Gongsan Gallery, Daegu, Korea


Lee Jung Woong
The Strokes of Perception

Among the many astute elements of Lee Jung Woong's perceptive creations, the one that always strikes me is the visual simplicity, in spite of the complex detailing and skill that lies behind it.
Lee Jung Woong
Motion In Stillness

Cleverly conceptual, Lee Jung Woong's paintings empower his paintbrushes with a life of their own and realistically depict elegant Oriental brushes caught in the act of making an abstract mark in black ink on a field of crisp, white Korean rice paper.

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