How To Collect Art For Your Home - Tatler x Ode To Art

A beautiful penthouse at Marina One is the perfect backdrop to discuss "How to Choose Art for your Home"...


Rolls Royce x Ode To Art - The Art of Power Highlights

Rolls Royce x Ode To Art The Art of Power- Sit-down Dinner In Collaboration with The Rolls Royce Art...

event highlights

Lim Tze Peng Solo Exhibition in Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum, Mumbai

Discover more about Lim Tze Peng's 2019 exhibition, The Spirit of Ink, in the Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum...


Art Introduction - 'Tai Chi Brush Knee and Twist Step' by Yu Nancheng

We are happy to introduce this bold and dynamic painting by Yu Nancheng that features a myriad of figures...


Art Introduction - 'Long Withering Days' by Choy Moo Kheong

We are happy to introduce this ethereal Autumn forest titled 'Long Withering Days' by Singaporean artist...


Collecting Local with Gallerist Jazz Chong of Ode to Art

Tatler Feature - Home is Where the Art is : Collecting Local with Galleriest Jazz Chong of Ode To Art...


Inside the Creative Space with Paul Rousso [Live, Recorded on April 29th 2021]

We are happy to invite you into the creative space of internationally acclaimed American artist Paul...


Lim Tze Peng's Portrait of the Heart solo exhibition 2018 | CNA Lifestyle Experiences

An exclusive grand opening for 98-year-old Cultural Medallion awardee Lim Tze Peng's solo exhibition...


Art Introduction - 'Late Morning (Off Rowell Road)' and 'North Bank Singapore River' by Ong Kim Seng

We are happy to introduce these beautiful landscapes by Singaporean watercolourist, Ong Kim Seng!


Lim Tze Peng: A Century of Memories - A Virtual Exhibition

Ode To Art is delighted to present Singaporean artist Lim Tze Peng's solo exhibition, A Century of Memories...


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