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Lee Sangsoo
Bird , 2017

26 x 32 x 58cm


My dream was to be a painter. I enjoyed drawing in elementary school and art lessons in middle school. Naturally, after studying art in high school and university, I proceeded onto graduate school. However, the more I learnt about art, the more difficult it became. More often than not, when we study a subject on a deeper level, it is no longer as fun or enjoyable, and starts to feel like work. Although art used to be pleasurable and relieve my worries, it now became a source of stress. Art became my livelihood and I felt pressured to produce one of a kind works that no artist created before. The more I aged and learned, the more distance I felt between me and my art. I spent this period lost and wandering.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Lee Sangsoo (born 1983) is a South Korean artist. He studied sculpture at Dong-A University College of Arts and obtained his Masters degree at Hongik University Graduate School of Sculpture. He enjoyed painting and drawing lessons in middle school, then later furthered his arts education formally in high school and graduate school. However, the more he learnt about art, it was no longer as fun or enjoyable and it became a tedious full time job. It was only through revisiting his childhood youthful works did he rediscover the brilliancy and innocence in childlike composition, carefree and pure, largely inspiring his faux naif style of three-dimensional sculpture today.
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  • +Exhibitions

    2011 Hongik University Graduate School of Sculpture 
    2009 Dong-A University College of Arts Fine Arts BFA in Sculpture 

    Solo Exhibition 
    2016 The Fine Art, Shinhan Gallery Gwanghwamun, Seoul 
    2016 Wonderland, Patron Gallery, Bundang 
    2016 Strange Jungle, Gallery Fu Stowe, Seoul 
    2016 Fine Art, Gana Art Space, Seoul 

    Group Exhibition 
    2016 BAF, National Assembly Hall, Cacao Pangyo Office, Design Promotion Agency, etc. 
    2016 Imaginary Friends I met in Sangsang Village, Guri Art Hall, Copper 
    2016 Mother's Diary, Yangpyeong-gun Lip Art Museum, Yangpyeong 
    2016 Suh Love Sharing Exhibition, Seongnam Art Center, Seongnam 
    2016 Who are you? Who am I? (3 Artists), patron Gallery, Bundang 
    2010 The End of The World, Seokyo Art Experimental Center, Seoul 
    2010 ASYAAF 2010, the Holy Womans University, Seoul 
    2010 Nuclear Power Plant, Contemporary Art Museum of Hongik University, Seoul 
    2009 Happy imaginary projects, kitty Aram Art Gallery, Ilsan 
    2009 Seoul Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul 
    2009 Fiction's, Kyunghe Art Center, Paju 
    2009 Majeon, Hongik University Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul

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