Kim Nam Pyo

Instant Landscape - White Tiger No3

About The Artist

Kim Nam Pyo (b. 1970) received both his B.A. and M.A. in Painting from Seoul National University. Kim's paintings appear to be super-natural still life depictions of animals, wildlife and various bodies of water intertwined with man-made consumer apparel such as shoes and bags. Deeply influenced by the art of traditional Korean ink painting, Kim pays homage to tradition by applying washes of black paint in a calligraphic, gestured manner yet adds a fresh approach by introducing bright bursts of color and applying faux black fur onto the canvas.

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Kim's work reveals a unique fusion of traditional Korean ink painting with his own organic and fantastical forms. Much like the meditative works of traditional Eastern ink painters and Western Modern art movements such as Abstract Expressionism, Kim's "instant"works are fluid expressions that are intuitive and not based on preconceived forms or ideas. As Kim puts it, "I like instant and spontaneous methods that lead from one to another, turning my paintings into logical results."

His interesting style of surrealism with his signature white tiger, with fur crawling out of the frame brings a tasteful experience to the viewers. The eyes of the tiger, focused on the audience, making it hard for you shift your eyes away! Yet, we are still attracted by the surreal background, composing of beautiful natural landscapes, flowing peacefully in the background.

Artist Statement
'My work possesses impromptu and coincidental forces. From the expression of the canvas to the decision of the specific image, I represent on to the canvas, the results of my instant absorption and imagination (..) To me, nature and its landscapes are a figure of constancy, relative to the instant and irregular fragments of uneasiness of this era. But on the other hand, nature is fragile and weak, always the loser in the logics of power. Because of this reason, the animals appearing on the canvas sometimes seem to be so peaceful, while other times as if they are on guard.'



Selected Solo Exhibitions 

Nampyo Kim - Canvas International Art, AmstelveenInstant Landscape, Gana Art NY, New York Instant Landscape, Goozee Gallery, Daegu, Korea

Kim, Nam Pyo - Gallery Ihn, Seoul

Instant Landscape, Canvas International Art, Amstelveen Instant Landscape, Gallery HYUNDAI-Window Gallery, Seoul

Stopping for A While, Vinyl Gallery, Seoul

Woonggeun Gallery, Seoul

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