Romero Britto: The Most Licensed Artist in History

Global media company Great Big Story featured Brazilian artist Romero Britto in a video from their Planet Earth series. Delve into his background, artistic process and success, to learn more about the most licensed artist in the world, who makes his art available for all to enjoy.

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Lim Tze Peng: The Spirit of Ink - Solo exhibition in Mumbai, India

Dr. Bhau Daji Lad Museum in collaboration with IDF Singapore, Ode To Art, and the Consulate-General of the Republic of Singapore presents ‘The Spirit of Ink’ by Singapore’s pioneer artist Lim Tze Peng (3rd Aug - 15th Sept 2019). At 99 years old, Lim Tze Peng is Singapore’s oldest living artist and one of the most respected Chinese calligraphy artists. Despite his age, creating art is ever on Lim’s mind, and he has been passionately producing a series of calligraphy works. ‘The Spirit of Ink’ is the artist Lim Tze Peng’s first ever solo exhibition in India. The highlight of the exhibition will be Lim’s 5 new pieces of abstract art calligraphy that he painted over the course of 2018-2019. These large-scale paintings will be displayed in public for the very first time. From an expansive collection of his works, another 20 specially curated pieces have also been selected to depict Lim’s journey from his roots in traditional Chinese calligraphy to his current more abstract and contemporary works.
Wu Qiong x Playdoh
Wu Qiong
Art Introduction- Lim Tze Peng, Bustling Streets of Chinatown
Lim Tze Peng
Wu Qiong x Esquire

Ode To Art in Conversation: 刘纯海 Liu Chun Hai
Liu Chun Hai
Ode To Art in Conversation with Chinese Painter Liu Chun Hai. Liu discusses the essence of vitality which he hopes exudes in all his works.
Gao Xiao Wu: A Journey of Artistic Renewal
Gao Xiao Wu
Wu Qiong's Interview
Wu Qiong
Featuring Ode to Art

This short clip is taken from the Russian Program, , which featured a newlywed and their adventures in Singapore. The bride is a painter and her other half had always wanted her to paint something for him. Finally, she gets it done in Ode to Art Gallery with the help of the various artworks around her as inspiration.
Liu Ruo Wang
Liu Ruo Wang's exclusive interview with Luca Periotto about his series display in Italy.

Art Lectures

ART-ICULATION: How to See, Understand and Talk about a Painting - Art Lecture Full Video

By Jeffrey Say
Jeffery Say Art Talk - What is Art and what is Art for?

Philosophers, theorists, art historians and even artists themselves have attempted to define art but its definition continues to elude us. With the evolving nature of art and the increasing complexity of art forms and practices in contemporary culture, it has become even more challenging to say what art is with any definitiveness. This talk will also discuss the purposes and function of art and whether these have changed over the ages
The Impressionists and the Birth of the Modern Art by Jeffrey Say

In their disregard of academic convention, their incorporation of new ideas and technology, their revolutionary approach to visualising the world, the Impressionists embodied what Charles Baudelaire calls "The Painter of Modern Life". This talk will discuss ways in which the avant-garde Impressionist artists sought to visualise the idea of modern in art, including innovative methods of painting, new found artistic sensibilities, and the depiction of the contemporary. See how Monet, Renoir, Degas and other Impressionist artists helped to revolutionise the art of painting.
10 Defining Moments in Singapore Art in the Last 50 Years - Art Lecture Full Video

By Jeffrey Say
SINGAPORE SERIES: Contemporary Art - Art Lecture Full Video

By Jeffrey Say
SINGAPORE SERIES: Contemporary Ink - Art Lecture Full Video

By Jeffrey Say
SINGAPORE SERIES: Sculpture - Art Lecture Full Video
Ong Kim Seng, Lim Tze Peng, Zhu Hong, Hong Zhu An
By Jeffrey Say
SINGAPORE SERIES: Painting - Art Lecture Full Video
Various Artists
ORIGIN SERIES: The Political Image - Art Lecture Full Video

ORIGIN SERIES: The Nude - Art Lecture Full Video

In the third part of the 'Origins' series of Lecture by Ode to Art, Art Historian and academician Jeffrey Say embarks on a fascinating journey through one of Art histories most controversial and game changing genre of art- The Nude. Covering revolutionary canonical works and moving forward into the modern realm of contemporary nudes, Jeffrey charts out a visual transition and critical assessment, supplemented by engaging images, anecdotes and informative facts to create an engrossing and informative discussion of the artform.


Art for Homes: Chua Ek Kay
Chua Ek Kay
The abstract works of Chua Ek Kay convey a sense of luxurious elegance, while simultaneously bringing character vibrancy to homes. An artist who has been hailed as the bridge between Asian and Western art, Chua Ek Kay (b. 1947, China - d. 8 February 2008, Singapore) was the first Chinese ink painter to win the United Overseas Bank Painting of the Year Award (1991). The artist incorporated his surrounding environment into his paintings, and his distinct style was influenced by Western artists such as Jackson Pollock, Matisse and Picasso, as well as the free style of the Shanghai school.
Art Introduction -Ronnie Ford
Ronnie Ford
Hear about the captivating landscapes of Ronnie Ford from the maestro himself, in this art introduction video!
Art For Homes: David Bromley
David Bromley
Australian artist David Bromley is named among Australian Art Collector’s 50 Most Collectable Artists. His whimsical paintings draw inspiration from vintage magazines to present the excitement and adventure of childhood. Vivacious colours and figurative expressionism are used to inject the works with energy and depict the intensity as well as joy of adolescent life. Explore how David Bromley's works can brighten up any living space!
Ode to Art Presents: Vani Hidayatur Rahman - Victory March
Vani Hidayatur Rahman
Award-winning Indonesian artist Vani Hidayatur Rahman unveiled an exciting line-up of 15 brand-new works in his first-ever solo exhibition in Singapore that opened on 20 June 2019 at Ode To Art Gallery. Based in Yogjakarta, the 38-year-old Indonesian contemporary artist is renowned for his vivid, distinctive and realistic style. His highly complex paintings are adorned with detailed embellishments, and he imbues a strong concept and story into each piece, addressing pertinent political, social and environmental issues that span war to pollution. Vani has received a number of art awards including the Best Painting accolade at the 2012 Jakarta Art Awards, recipient of the 2013 UOB Painting of the Year Silver Award and was a finalist at the 2008 Jakarta Art Awards.
Art For Homes: Hong Zhu An
Hong Zhu An
Chinese-born Hong Zhu An (b. 1955) is one of the finest artists in Singapore today, and is a winner of the UOB Painting of the Year ‘Grand Award’. Painting in acrylic and ink, his works exude a serenity and energy that calms the mind and offers insightful abstract interpretation alongside enchanting visuals. Discover the mesmerizing art of Hong Zhu An, that will imbue your living spaces with history and artistic depth.
Ode to Art Presents: Lee Jung Woong, Strokes of Perception
Lee Jung Woong
Eva Armisen Project Compilation
Eva Armisen
The works of Spanish artist Eva Armisen have captured the hearts of thousands worldwide. Eva’s presence is huge in Asia, especially in South Korea, where she has held several exhibitions and collaborations in the past decade, including publicity campaigns and promotions for Skinfood Cosmetics, Corelle, OLA EC, Hana Bank as well as exhibitions with Gana Art Park, Hangaram Museum, and Jang Heung Art Park Children Museum. Discover some of the artist's past projects in this video!
Eva Armisen x Ode To Art at OLA EC
Eva Armisen
Discover the art of Spanish artist Eva Armisen, which brought light and joy to the OLA EC show flat and sales gallery.
Eva Armisen x OLA EC buses
Eva Armisen
Eva Armisen's charming artworks were seen on buses all over Singapore, in collaboration wit OLA EC for their inaugural launch! Did you spot any of these distinctive characters?
Patrick Hughes' Perplexing Perspectives
Patrick Hughes
Patrick Hughes creates paintings that come alive through the motion created by optical illusions and makes viewers interact with his works in an active way. Each plane of his pictures shrinks or expands to accommodate the movement of the onlooker, in perfect harmony, like a good dance partner. Discover more about his technique and his philosophy in this short clip!

event highlights

Rolls Royce x Ode To Art - The Art of Power Highlights

Rolls Royce x Ode To Art The Art of Power- Sit-down Dinner In Collaboration with The Rolls Royce Art Programme 23rd February


Life is Transient, Art is Eternal - Celebrating 98 years of Art with Lim Tze Peng

Singapore's oldest living pioneer artist, Lim Tze Peng, celebrates 98 years of an art filled life with "Portraits of the Heart", a solo exhibition held with Ode to Art. Lim Tze Peng's transcendent artworks merge words with colours, East with West, traditional with contemporary. His works are described as unique to Singaporeans and the reality we live in, creating new forms that represent our culture. He is Singapore's National Treasure, 新加坡的宝贝.
"Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual" A Solo Exhibition of Rainer Lagemann at Ode to Art
Rainer Lagemann
Ode to Art Contemporary presents: "Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Spiritual" A Solo Exhibition of Rainer Lagemann on 18 May 2013. Watch the interesting interview of Rainer who uses hollow metal squares to sculpt the human form, creating works that elicit both strength and delicacy of the human body Director Jazz Chong also describes the artist's work in detail and how Rainer's sculptures inspires her. Video copyright belongs to Ode to Art Contemporary (All rights reserved)
A Life Filled with Art - Lim Tze Peng by The Straits Times
Lim Tze Peng
Lim Tze Peng, 97, is Singapore's oldest living pioneer artist. The Cultural Medallion winner's latest solo exhibition, Portrait Of The Heart, runs from July 26 to Aug 12 at Ode To Art gallery in Raffles City Shopping Centre.
Lim Tze Peng's Portrait of the Heart solo exhibition | CNA Lifestyle Experiences
Lim Tze Peng
An exclusive grand opening for 98-year-old Cultural Medallion awardee Lim Tze Peng's solo exhibition at Ode To Art Gallery is the latest in a series of exclusive CNA Lifestyle events.
Ang Ah Tee, 2009 Cultural Medallion Recipient
Ang Ah Tee
The official NAC Art Awards video commemoration of 2009 Cultural Medallion recipient Ang Ah Tee and his indelible contributions to Singapore's artistic landscape
"A Scene from A Memory: A Group Exhibition" featuring 16 Korean Artists at Ode to Art Contemporary
Various Artists
A Scene From A Memory -- "A Scene from a Memory" is set to be an unforgettable stamp of the Korean contemporary art scene in Singapore. With a roster of 16 internationally exhibited artists who have redefined the concept of scenery in their individual styles, the exhibition will showcase a unique, unexpected, and pleasantly surprising array of artworks that will transform how the audience perceive nature and their surroundings. From Jung Kwang Sik's aerial view of landscape carved on black granite to Lee Lee Nam's moving paintings on LED screens, and from Park Seung Mo's clever layering of individually cut steel mesh to Bahk Seon Ghi's floating charcoal pieces, the exhibition seeks to explore the boundless representations of sceneries and the objects that constitute them. In the end, it is when the viewer interacts with the scenery that the real representation begins. Date: 9 -- 15 May 2013 Artists: Bahk Seon Ghi, Cheong Kwang Ho, Choi Young Wook, Jung Kwang Sik, Kim Jong Hak, Kim Joon, Kong Sung Hoon, Lee Jae Hyo, Lee Hee Joong, Lee Jae Sam, Lee Lee Nam, Park Seung Mo, Park Sung Tae, Son Bong Chae, Yoo Bong Sang, Yoo Seung Ho


Ode To Art Charity Auction for Covid-19 Relief
E Langreiter, Wu Qiong, Patrick Rubinstein
During this time of global crisis, Ode To Art seeks to aid efforts by donating five artworks. All proceeds from the auction will go towards supporting low-income families in Singapore impacted by Covid-19. (Through Singapore-registered charity MWS When public morale is low and anxiety rife, art offers a welcome remedy to soothe the soul and calm the mind. We hope that these works bring you joy during this period, and thank you for your support in alleviating the hardships of these families. To support the cause and bid for the works available, visit


Ode To Art in Conversation: 刘正勇 Liu Zhen Yong
Liu ZhengYong
Ode To Art in Conversation with Painter Liu Zheng Yong at his art studio. Liu seeks the true and fundamental emotions of human beings that he wishes to convey through his works.
An interview by 96.3's FM DJ Anna with our beloved artist, Lim Tze Peng.
Lim Tze Peng
Ode To Art in Conversation: 吴梁焰 Wu Liang Yan
Wu Liang Yan
Ode To Art in Conversation with Chinese Sculptor Wu Liang Yan reveals how his childhood played a huge part in making him the artist that he is today, and further inspiring his sculptures.
Ode To Art in Conversation: Jiang Miao
Jiang Miao
Ode To Art in Conversation with Chinese artist Jiang Miao. Jiang Miao talks to Ode To Art about her new collection featured at Art Stage 2018 that addresses philosophical perspectives in unique constructions made from carved layers of acrylic paint.
Ode To Art in Conversation: 任振宇 Ren Zhen Yu
Ren Zhen Yu
Ode To Art in Conversation with Chinese Painter Ren Zhen Yu. His works beam with vivid colors that are interpreted by him purely from Black and White photos.
Ong Kim Seng - Nostalgia in Transformation
Ong Kim Seng
Ode To Art is deeply honored to present master of watercolor: Ong Kim Seng's solo exhibition. Behind languid strokes and the iridescent meld of transient color, lies the hand of a man enchanted by light, devoted to color, and inspired by the honesty held within the artistic throes of creation. A self-taught observer, traveler and passionate learner- Ong Kim Seng has climbed the ranks of formal appreciation to claim his title as one of the most celebrated water colorists of our age, etching his name into international renown and staking his claim as a modern-day cultural treasure.