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Ode to Art is delighted to present our artist-in-residence, Ronnie Ford. The pioneer of "Texturescapes" - a scintillating coalescence of three-dimensional sculpture and painting, Scottish artist Ronnie Ford presents landscapes in a completely new light. His highly textured work paired with vibrant and contrasting colour is evocative and generates a frisson of excitement in the viewer, reinventing the idyllic lavender fields of Provence and other scenes from his travels in an imaginative and whimsical manner. Ronnie Ford captures the spirit and essence of a place, with work reminiscent of the Post-Impressionist masters; infused with a contemporary twist.

Featuring Ronnie Ford

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Ronnie Ford

Art Introduction -Ronnie Ford

Ronnie Ford

Ronnie Ford invites you to a Painting Session on Facebook Live - Thursday 23rd April 8.30pm.

Ronnie Ford

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