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Art with Panache: Exploring the kinetic universe of Patrick Rubinstein

Enter into the bold world of glam-chic with Patrick Rubinstein. Inspired by Optical and Kinetic Art, his unique avant-garde style is bound to captivate you.

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By Mae
Born in 1960, at the height of pop art in Paris, Patrick Rubinstein grew up in an exciting golden age of British rock, cinema and American pop. This significantly influenced him and became an essential artistic inspiration for the French artist.

Patrick Rubinstein, 
People and Brand (John Lennon), 36.5 x 36.5 cm. 

His works often feature major icons and celebrities of the second half of the 20th century such as Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon, or pay tribute to major artists from the same period, such as Picasso or Andy Warhol.

Patrick Rubinstein, People and Brands (Marilyn), 36.5 x 36.5cm. 

Patrick Rubinstein, I Love Paris (Red), 51 x 51cm.

This work features Robert Indiana’s iconic “LOVE” design with a myriad of luxurious brand logos such as Louis Vuitton and Chanel in the background, interspersed with images of Mona Lisa. Through combining aspects of consumerism through luxury goods and emblems of fine art into a coalescent piece, he gives ode to the value of different cultural ideas. As such, paying tribute to creativity in all its forms, with a decidedly French touch of luxury.

Patrick Rubinstein, Pop Mona
, 69 x 69 cm. 

The unique feature of his art is an innovative technique known as Optical Art or “Opt Art”, a movement popularised in the 60s by great artists such as Victor Vasarely and Carlos Cruz-Diez. While artists have explored Opt Art through different 2-D and 3-D techniques testing the boundaries of human perception, the particular 3-dimensional technique Patrick Rubinstein focuses on (called the double or triple principle) was taught to him by his father at a young age. His father’s technique was using cut photographs, but the artist beautifully enhanced it in his pop inspired paintings.

The Double Principle depicts the fusion of two images that the artist conscientiously blends into one. This newly merged image is applied to the medium at a 45° angle based on an accordion configuration. This allows the two original images to be interlaced when facing the front of the art, with each image visible from one side. This creates a different visual experience at every angle the spectator views the particular artwork.

Patrick Rubinstein, Oh My Banana, 69 x 69cm

Patrick Rubinstein, Pop Panda, 113 x 113cm. 

The results of this technique are captivating, allowing Rubinstein to bring the work to life by giving it an animated and perpetually renewed nature, surprising the viewer with each glance from a different angle, and every variation of the light direction and intensity. The viewer becomes the animator, and is invited to explore and create their own avant-garde world magnified by optical, pop and street art. 

Inspired by high Renaissance and street art techniques, Patrick’s avant-garde pieces create an entire kinetic universe which passes on creative energy to its spectators, while evoking a sense of nostalgia immersing viewers in dynamic memories of pop culture over the years.

Patrick Rubinstein, People and Brand (Salvatore Dali), 36.5 x 36.5 cm. 

Let your home reflect your personality and interests through these glam chic pieces by Robert Rubinstein. Comprising a myriad of different elements from pop culture such as comic book heroes, these eccentric pieces not only make a bold and bright statement about your personality, but also artfully display your favourite icons.

Patrick Rubinstein, Feel Her Love, 96 x 96cm. 

The dynamic and exciting nature of this piece can also add some pizzazz into your contemporary home. These vibrant and unique artworks would definitely stand out and become a wonderful conversational piece for people who visit your home! 

Interested in seeing more pieces by Patrick Rubinstein? Discover an even wider selection of his works here! To see his works in action, check out this video on our website! Or visit our gallery at Raffles City to view them in person! 

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