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Around the World with Eva Armisen

From Barcelona to beyond, the wonderful world of Eva Armisen's works have captured the hearts of many across the globe. Let us take a look at her rich array of projects across the global stage and celebrate her spirit and vision.

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By Bridget
Based in Barcelona, Spanish artist Eva Armisen is renowned for her iconic pieces which feature an exuberant, childlike lens into daily life. Often working with paint, prints, and etching, her works are always pushing the limits of what new mediums could be incorporated through her projects. Having participated in many overseas projects and exhibitions, her repertoire also extends itself to sculptures, editorial and film pieces, public installation art, fashion, and many more fields of work. 

My Island, 2016, Eva Armisen, Oil on Paper, 21x20cm.
View it here at our gallery.

To See The Light At Night, 2017. Eva Armisen, Oil on Canvas, 94x68cm.
View it here at our gallery. 

Eva’s Journey: Home 
Recognised on the global stage with her array of collaborations and works, Eva Armisen is an artist beloved by many. An iconic symbol of Eva’s work would be her paintings of a girl with a button nose and dark hair. According to Eva, this girl is an autobiographical rendition of herself, a storyteller for her other pieces which often feature her and her sister, as well as other close family and friends. Her serene characters are often captured participating in the mundane, sharing meals, going out, or spending quality time together - reflexive of how she views the importance of love and ‘safety’ one feels with family. To Eva, the families she paints go beyond the simple warmth of acts like a shared meal, as they also act as “mini societies' ', traversing into one’s roots and encapsulating memories with the ones we love. 

A Family Portrait, 2019. Eva Armisen, Oil on Canvas, 97x130cm.View it here at our gallery. 

“Just like everybody else, my life is not joyful all the time. But I feel the need to [add] another perspective to [it]. Even in the worst situation, there’s a different point of view in seeing the world. I try to focus my eyes on [finding] the way out instead of [focusing on] the struggle. I believe we all have good inside us. I’m trying to [bring] that out. With my paintings, I try to let you know you have that.” - Eva Armisen, 2018 

Hermanas (Sisters), 2017. Eva Armisen, Oil on Canvas. View it here at our gallery. 

Eva and the Museum 

Capturing the hearts of her numerous fans, Eva Armisen’s works can be found sprinkled across her museum shows across the globe. Since her first exhibition in 2001, Eva has been highly regarded by her collectors and museum collaborators, participating in multiple exhibitions a year.  

Eva Armisen's solo exhibition at the Hangaram Museum, Seoul, South Korea

Eva Armisen for Gana Art Park, Seoul, South Korea 

Her solo exhibitions with visual arts institutions such as the Gana Art Park, Hanagram Museum and Jang Heung Art Park Children Museum in Seoul, South Korea often involve dynamic gallery settings with vibrant colours and even hand-painted murals by the artist herself as she came down to prepare for the shows. Other notable group shows and solo exhibitions have seen Eva’s works as mini globetrotters, travelling around her home country Spain, as well as other buzzing locations such as Hong Kong, California, Shanghai, Paris, and Singapore. 

A Party (La Fiesta), 2019. Eva Armisen, Oil on canvas, 97x162cm. View it here at our gallery. 

Eva Worldwide 

The well-travelled artist often inculcates multi-cultural references in her paintings, and one can spot cues from the twinkling Seoul city skyline to the enigmatic colours of Singaporean fare over dinner, highlighting her appreciation for the faces and places she has encountered abroad. Another famous series of paintings she has is the “Fiesta” (Party) series - a rendition of her iconic family portraits where a family shares an intimate, homely meal. These paintings are highly detailed, from the glistening red shell of a chilli crab to the croissants and shortcakes that adorn a dining table, a wordless expression of care and togetherness. In many societies,  the act of sharing a meal is a poignant expression of love - consisting of one’s cultural identities and shared histories, thus making this series particularly meaningful. 

A Special Night, 2020. Eva Armisen, Oil on Canvas, 162x130cm. View it here at our gallery. 

Eva and Beyond

To the delight of supporters and collectors alike, Eva Armisen’s works can also be found beyond the walls of the white cube and other gallery spaces. Beyond her culturally diverse visual narratives, Eva has also participated in cross-cultural collaborations with other artists, designers, and institutions abroad. One such project would be her work with South Korean fashion brand O’2nd, which held a pop-up showcase featuring her works transformed into garments and wearable prints. The artist has also been featured in Doosan’s Winter campaign across the conglomerate’s shopping malls, to the excitement of her South Korean audiences. Outside of South Korea, Eva’s works have been spotted in collaboration with Nike, Coca-cola, and even more.
Nongshim, one of the world’s most famous ramen brands, had also commissioned Eva for a series of illustrated marketing campaigns featuring their “Shin Family” values. The global project involved animated “Ramyun culture” advertisements, and even an Eva Armisen bus which travelled across major cities in the United States. 

Eva for Nongshim in the United States. 

Eva Armisen for City Super

Here at Ode To Art, Eva has participated in many projects with our gallery space and clients. Her "Ode To Mom" Mother’s Day painting programme received a very welcome reception from her Singaporean supporters, and her recent project with OLA EC was also unveiled in an exclusive marketing campaign which consisted of merchandise featuring her works, an exhibition space at their showroom, as well as a mural and bus campaign across the island. 

Eva Armisen at Ode To Mom, Ode to Art. 

Eva Armisen at Ode To Mom, Ode to Art. 

To Protect You, 2013. Eva Armisen, Serigraph, 70x50cm. 

Despite her extensive global outreach, Eva has maintained her enthusiasm and love for her craft, consistently putting out wonderful new works that continue to touch our hearts. In such tumultuous times, her philosophy of love, care, and peace is something we continue to yearn and fight for everywhere. Eva Armisen’s gentle portrayal of what it means to feel at home with the capability to love and be loved is one we can draw comfort from in our own endeavours. 

“I think I’ve always painted what excites me, in a way trying to stop time and retain what moves me. Painting has given me the superpower to change things, to create the world as I wanted and I think my style has evolved according to the need to communicate emotion in the most direct way.“ - Eva Armisen, 2020

Starry Night, 2016. Eva Armisen, Oil on Paper, 20x23cm. View it here at our gallery.

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