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“Life is beautiful”: Discover Coplu's music inspiration

Discover Coplu’s new series of paintings surrounding the theme of music and love. These pieces radiate positivity, peace and hope that transcend all diversities and adversities.

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By Rachel
Anyone can recognize an artwork by Coplu. It is so distinctively characterized by his signature vibrant colours, common symbols such as flowers and heart shapes, as well as his illustration of cartoon-like human figures. Most importantly, his optimistic and thought-provoking compositions radiates positivity and a splash of color to life which transcends all diversities and adversities. 

Let’s start off with a basic introduction of Coplu and his background. His artistic journey had its early roots in his family carpet business. He would spend his days making dyes, coloring yarns and making patterns. His mother, a weaver, would also carry him on her back and explain the meaning behind patterns and the effects different colors had. This close relationship Coplu had with his family and childhood is expressed through the themes that transcend his art – of unconditional love and family.

In this new series, Coplu combines the theme of love with music to spread his overarching message of happiness, positivity and hope.

Coplu, "Expressing Naturally, Binds Our Hearts Eventually", Acrylic on Canvas, 2019, 76 x 76 cm 

For Coplu, the title of this painting implies that the act of creating music binds us together and into the realm of love. Indeed, linked together by a heart-shaped path of musical sheets, this piece features Coplu’s signature style and recurring symbols such as the heart and white daisies. This encompasses his love for music, love and aesthetic beauty. Depicting a couple in the foreground, they are standing apart but through their violin playing and music, find harmony and are linked in communion and love with each other.

Coplu, “Waves of the Musicians, Paves the Path of Lovers", Acrylic on Canvas, 2019, 76 x 100 cm 

This is another beautiful piece in his new collection. Again, the title of this painting suggests that music and love are intertwined, with the presence of music potentially enhancing the feeling of love. In this piece, a lone musician stands on a mountain top with his eager audience. He plays the violin, and large waves of music bars emanate from the strings, lined with flowers and hearts. Music can evoke powerful emotions such as love and the feeling of harmony, and Coplu depicts this perfectly by depicting a path of love literally paved by the musician.

Coplu, “Greetings to the Nature's Beauty", Acrylic on Canvas, 2019, 76 x 76 cm 

This piece encompasses Coplu's signature visual vocabulary with themes of music, love, and harmony. Bright white daisies and multi-coloured hearts are woven into the bars of a delicate music score, taking on the form of a tree. Interlocking in peaceful waves, the music tree and its branches gently leans towards a family of three, 2 of which are holding a microphone and a violin. 

Coplu, “Heavenly World from the Ancestors", Acrylic on Canvas, 2019, 100 x 76 cm 

In this painting, a family of four is portrayed under a sky full of love, music and flowers. The father figure plays his violin, whose strings merge into a musical score and suffuse the striking magenta sky. Coplu captures the nature of music waves as it moves through the painting with a sense of ephemerality, reflective of music and sound and its fleeting beauty.

Coplu, “That's the Shape of My Heart Forever", Acrylic on Canvas, 2019, 76 x 76 cm 

In this piece, a conductor is depicted in the foreground, guiding a family of three onto a harmonious path of music and love. The subtle white lines of the musical score is filled with vividly painted hearts and gentle white flowers in the formation of a heart. These are all some of Coplu’s favorite symbols to feature in his work, encompassing his love for music, love and aesthetic beauty.

Coplu, “Building up with Love and Binding with Music for Rich Soul", Acrylic on Canvas, 2019, 100 x 76 cm 

Here, a family of 3 is depicted standing at the base of three large windmills before a deep blue horizon line. With the two parental figures carrying a violin and a microphone, the blades of the windmills have been replaced with large planes of music scores, lined with rows of warm toned hearts in purple, ochre and red. Through the imagery of the musical windmills, Coplu seems to want to convey that the music and love are the powerhouse and energy force in life.

As Coplu says,

‘Life is for those who can become a beautiful song in a complete silence. Life is beautiful.’

Many art lovers have come to appreciate his paintings as a symbol of peace and happiness whenever they glance at it. His subjects and whimsical landscapes radiate joy and affection with its colour palettes and soothing compositions. Some may even decide to get the painting as a tribute of love to their loved ones. In the troubling times that we live in today with every nation fighting the global Coronavirus pandemic, Coplu’s pieces offer a sense of  hope and serenity that will hopefully inspire you to embrace the positivity that is around us still – in our families and personal relationships, as well as in the little things we often overlook in the background, such as music.

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