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The Paradise of Elizabeth Langreiter

In need of a quick getaway? Delve into the paradise of Elizabeth Langreiter to be transported to a land of glistening beaches and eternal sunshine.

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By Serena
Banner: Elizabeth Langreiter, Out of Office, 2019, 101 x 105cm, Mixed Medium on Canvas

Elizabeth Langreiter’s unique mixed media aerial paintings provide a delightful escape from reality into a whimsical world of art. Driven by a passion to create and to spread joy in the world, Elizabeth’s works are definitely the antidote we need given the global pandemic we’re facing right now.

If you miss hopping on a plane and leaving your worries behind, join Elizabeth as she calls upon her inner child to recreate happy memories growing up in sunny Australia, and live vicariously through her paintings, where the vast glistening oceans of Australia will become your playground.

Elizabeth’s Elements

Elizabeth’s art often features classic compositions which are easy on the eyes, allowing the viewer to focus on the vibrant colours as well as her unique 3 dimensional style and technique. The compositions of her pieces are idyllic and work together to create a one of a kind, relaxing atmosphere for the viewer.

Another recurring element in the artist’s works are the beach essentials her 3 dimensional figures can be seen around. The lifebuoys and beach umbrellas are 3 dimensional as well, strongly resembling Strawberry Campino candy, making them look good enough to eat. The red and white lifebuoys also contrast the aquamarine of the ocean, symbolic of the simplistic and binary perspective of childhood, making the times of our youth ever so easy and uncomplicated. 

Elizabeth Langreiter, Going Nowhere Day 2, 2020, 35 x 35cm, Mixed Medium on Canvas

While Elizabeth Langreiter’s works may be classic recreations of her favourite memories of childhood by the beaches of Australia, her artistic style and technique are nothing short of unique. Her experimental nature is inspiring and her love for experimentation eventually led to her special style of art. 

Through a sophisticated combination of patterns, colours and interesting textures, achieved with materials such as acrylic, impasto, modeling paste, varnish and even sand and gravel, Elizabeth produces whimsical masterpieces. Her most popular paintings feature her little 3 dimensional people, which she hand sculpts with lots of patience, using many layers of fine intricate details.

While the artist finds inspiration everywhere, her current popular beach series was inspired by an inflight magazine on a flight to Noosa of the Rottnest Swim in WA. She says she fell in love with the aerial perspective, which created these wonderful and unique round pieces of the beach as seen from above. These round canvases are a predominant trait in Mandala art. The word “Mandala” is Sanskrit for circle or completion, representing an eternal life and interconnectedness of everything. This imbues circular works with a tranquilising and soothing quality.

Elizabeth Langreiter, Hanging Around the Beach, 2020, 30cm, Mixed Medium on Wood

Get to know the artist!

Whilst Elizabeth comes from an artistic family who encouraged her to paint, it may come as a surprise that she had no desire to create until 2008! After being hit in the back of her head with a tennis ball, her passion for painting, an activity she had never done prior, was suddenly ignited. The injury uncovered her talent for art and she went from having no interest in art to becoming a dedicated and prolific artist, which according to her, 

“surprised everyone who knew me, but most of all myself.”

Elizabeth in her studio (image: Paul Melham)

Elizabeth was fearless in her approach to creating and quickly developed the confidence to continually experiment. With a studio in her home in Sydney Australia, where she currently resides, the artist paints everyday even if it is only for an hour as she juggles her responsibilities as a mother and work as an artist.

“My studio is my favourite place to paint. I can create as much mess as I like and as soon as the kids go to school I crank the music up and start having fun creating.”

Elizabeth Langreiter, Surf Buddies, 2020, 70 x 70cm, Mixed Medium on Canvas

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