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Xie Ai Ge, Sculpting Spirit

Recognised as a promising young sculptor, Xie Ai Ge has established herself internationally in the art world with her remarkable bronze and synthetic sculptures.

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By Serena
Born in Hunan province in 1977, Xie Ai Ge made her name in the international art world with a host of remarkable works in bronze and synthetic materials. After graduating from the Shanghai Fine Arts College, she was recognised early as a promising young sculptor and in 2005, was acclaimed by art critics for her innovative work during her first exhibition in the Shanghai Duolon Museum of Modern Art. Xie Ai Ge currently lives and works in Shanghai, China. 

The artist working in her studio

Drawing inspiration from the mountainous landscapes from her childhood, Xie Ai Ge combines the tranquility of nature and carefree, whimsical attitude of her past into calming yet invigorating sculptural magnificence. Her distinctly Eastern minimal sculptures are highly symbolic: her figures are portrayed without artifice, elaborated apparel or postures to focus on the content of the message and spread her philosophy. The vigour of her figures convey her admiration for the indomitable inner strength of the human soul while the simplicity of the clothes she clads her figures in demonstrates that true vision is not attained through sight, but rather through the mind. The themes speak for themselves - through nature, meditation, and Tai Ji, her works elevate to a world of thoughts and reflections. What Chinese poets did with ink and calligraphy, Xie Ai Ge does with bronze and paint. 

The artist has progressed to exhibit globally with her works being part of many prestigious collections, including many public and private projects in China.

A selection of Xie Ai Ge's public projects

Shanghai Hongqiao Kangdisi Hotel, China

Chongqing International Finance Center Jiangbei, China

Huixi Lake, Hunan, China

Anzhen Resort, Beijing, China

Hongqiao Nanfeng City, Shanghai, China

Private Collection, Singapore

Infinity Tree, d'Leedon Level 1, Singapore 

Hainan Island, Sanya Park Hyatt, China

A selection of Xie Ai Ge's exhibitions

Times Aesthetic Museum, Guangzhou, China, 2018

Art + Shanghai Gallery, China, 2014

Ode to Art, Singapore, 2014

The artist with one of her collectors at the exhibition 

While in Singapore, she has held 2 exhibitions with Ode to Art, who has presented her works for over 10 years. Xie Ai Ge loved meeting her local collectors and their children in this 2014 Sculptural workshop in collaboration with Ode to Art.

Xie Ai Ge's Sculptural Workshop with collectors and their kids, 2014

The artist explaining her process 

The artist and her craft

The artist teaching the workshop

A clay creation

The artist with her students

Group photo

If you'd like to learn more about Xie Ai Ge, join us on Thursday, 22nd of October, at 8pm, live on Facebook for an exclusive conversation with the artist! She'll take you behind-the-scenes through her studio in Shanghai, China, introducing new works that have never been exhibited in Singapore! Don’t forget to save the date and tune in then!

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