Unabating Spring - Hong Zhu An

Hong Zhu An's paintings glow with the layered pigments that are placed stroke by stroke upon rice paper, the under-layers burning their way to the surface of the blocks of the colors. Each layer consists of thousands of calligraphic strokes, creating an expanse of color and depth. 
Hong Zhu An has a deep love of the line or stroke and his understanding of its importance as a fundamental of Chinese artistic expression does not contradict his search for new avenues in Chinese art. Wielding his brush fearlessly even as he charts new artistic territory, Hong Zhu An allies eye and hand in brave new ways to connect with the age old Chinese sensibility, the ability to converse with nature and make it scintillate on intellectual, philosophical and spiritual levels that are uniquely his. His works are resplendent because they reveal the beauty of the world, life, and man. From oracle bone inscriptions, to calligraphy, to the glaze blue arabesques of Ming porcelain, the line is more aesthetically and philosophically fundamental to Chinese culture, so necessary that painters spend a lifetime mastering it. 




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