Hong Viet Dung

Reflective Gold, 2017
Oil on Canvas, 110 x 210 cm

USD 10,200 – 14,500

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About the artwork

In this painting Hong Viet Dung depicts Vietnam’s Ha Long Bay with extraordinary texture and depth. The work features a monochromatic colour palette, which conveys a sense of harmony and serenity reflective of the scene depicted. The artist’s use of linear perspective creates a sense of depth, drawing the viewer into the poetical landscape he captures. In the foreground of the work a boat is visible on the water- our only anchor of reality in a sea of dreamy washes. The artist’s nuanced use of visual techniques and scale to inspire contemplation about the human position demonstrates his visual mastery, that has made him one of the most renowned contemporary Vietnamese artists.

About the artist

Hailing from Hanoi, Vietnam, Hong Viet Dung was born in 1962 and apprenticed at the Pham Viet Son Painting Studio in 1979 before joining the Hanoi Industrial College of Fine Arts in 1984. Hong graduated with a degree in painting and later went on to becoming one of the founding members of the Gang of Five, a member of the Vietnam Plastic Art Association and the Literature and Art Association. As a painter, Hong has exhibited in several countries including Russia, Germany, Singapore, Japan, Hong Kong, Norway, USA, Australia and Great Britain. He has also participated in the Europ'Art International ArtFair in Geneva, Switzerland. Hong held a retrospective of work in the collection of the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum and Singapore Art Museum. His works have been auctioned in international auction houses like Christies.

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