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Anthony Chua Say Hua
Bustling Day I , 2015

Ink and Color on Rice Paper
103 x 104cm


The coloured splashes of paint that are layered on top of sepia tones inject energy and life into the painting. Awnings of shophouses and shuttered windows are highlighted with a pop of red, or brilliant turquoise - adding depth to the painting and showcasing the narrow alleys amidst shophouses. Through a frenzy of brushstrokes, Anthony Chua Say Hua effortlessly depicts familiar spaces in a nostalgic and contemporary manner.

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    Born in Singapore in 1966, Chua Say Hua is a recipient of the Chen Chong Swee Scholarship and the Philippe Charriol Foundation Scholarship. He graduated with a Diploma in Fine Arts from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (1989-92) and furthered his art education at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia (1993-94) as well as the Goldsmiths College in London (1996-97). Chua did his art residency at Vermont Studio Centre, Johnson, USA and has won numerous distinction and highly commended awards in competitions in the past decades and, in 2001, was awarded the prestigious Young Artist Award by the National Arts Council. Chua has always straddled his art practices in between Eastern and Western art so as to combine the best of both cultures.  His unique contemporary Chinese ink paintings are informed in Western Modernist aesthetics while employing the logic and philosophy of traditional Chinese ink painting medium. 
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