Lee Jae Hyo

Wood (Big Cone Pine), 80 x 54 x 105 cm



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About the artwork

Sculpture at paterson-Korean sculptor Lee Jae Hyo chooses natural materials such as wood pieces, branches, leaves, and iron nails to create contemporary three-dimensional works, transforming humble materials to create refined, geometric shaped sculptures. In this process of transformation, the artist takes control over nature, dominating it by taking it raw and rendering it immaculate, perfectly carved. His work suggests ambivalence: it is an act of domination, yet, the artist does not hide the inner nature of the medium, as the wood is used in a very literal sense, keeping its natural complexion but acquiring a form that can't be found in nature, part of science and geometry. He respects its inherent qualities and dominates them by force of skill and will, initiating a dialogue both with them and with the viewer.

About the artist

Lee Jae Hyo was born in 1965 in Hapchen, Korea and graduated from Hong-ik University with a Bachelor Degree in Plastic Art. He assembles natural materials such as wood pieces, branches and leaves, or iron nails, into three-dimensional works by which he opens up a distinctive and innovative direction in contemporary Korean art. He has exhibited in Korea, Japan, China, the UK and the USA and has won a number of honors, including Grand Prize of Osaka Triennial, Young Artist of the Day presented by the Ministry of Culture of Korea and Prize of Excellence in the 2008 Olympic Landscape Sculpture Contest. His works are widely appreciated and collected in Asia, Europe and America.  

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