Rainer Lagemann

Skull Sm - Green
Stainless Steel, 20 x 31 x 23 cm

USD 4,600 – 6,600

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About the artwork

CSS 104 Jl. Rainer was originally trained as an interior architect, but in 2005 he discovered his passion for welding. Despite having turned to sculpture later in his career, his signature technique has earned him critical acclaim and recognition around the globe. This involves the use of small hollow steel squares, which are welded together to create aspects of the human form. Rainer uses this unique technique for this work to create a myriad of brightly coloured skulls, which simultaneously demonstrates their fragility and solidity.

About the artist

Born in Dusseldorf, Germany, Rainer Lagemann has lived in San Francisco Bay Area since 1988. Today Lagemann resides in Miami, where he creates modern metal sculptures from small steel squares, welding them into modern interpretations of the human body or abstract variations of contemporary sculptures. Trained as an interior architect, Lagemann arrived to sculpture later in his life, but his unique treatment of material and subject matter earned him immediate international recognition. Rainer’s works have been exhibited around the world, including Canada, Singapore, Europe, and dozens of world-renowned art fairs, and are also part of prestigious private and corporate collections  

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