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About The Artist

Renowned for his copper wire works, Cheong Kwangho (1959) from Daejon, Korea obtained his Bachelor's and Master's Degrees at the College of Fine Art from Seoul National University. Cheong Kwang Ho's copper wire sculptures lead us to an extraordinary spatial experience. It may seem like an extension of traditional painting, but the fact that the lines move within space also makes them look like a sculpture. The play with the mind of creating something that seems like its two-dimensional yet is actually three dimensional sculptures is not something that we are often accustomed to. The sculptures delicately welded at their fragile points and once exhibited against a white space, one can sense and feel the communication that these sculptures exude from their beings. His work is a new form of sculpture; more precisely, it is positioned within the niche between simple object (everyday object or painting) and conventional sculpture. If one is looking to experience something new from the impact of a powerful artwork, Cheong's sculptures are masterpieces that will bring to you this experience with his creations.  

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The artist has exhibited throughout Korea as well as in Holland, Germany, Paris, Amsterdam and recently in Singapore. His works have been collected by numerous national museums namely The National Museum of Modern Art in Kwacheon, Seoul Museum of Art, Leeum Samsung Museum of Art and many more. He has had public art displayed and sponsored by Hakata Riverain Building in Japan, Pointview Properties Corporation in London and Swire Corporation in Hong Kong.

Pot and Water Bottle Series:

Cheong has redefined the way that pot sculptures can be represented as he shows the form of a pot yet does have the physical usages of a pot. This 'in between-ness'in return unravels a unique figure of semi-object that is seen in a different dimension. We can't pour water into this pot nor can we tap on it to hear its resonance. Not only is the center empty but it is completely visible to us and the boundary of inside and outside rests as unclear. Yet, when we first see it,we know that it is a pot as the physical form defines the object itself. Thus this series has redefined how we see certain objects.

Leaves Series:

Cheong's Leaves series often exhibits his sculptures against the wall, making it seem as though they are emerging out of the wall. For this series, the leaves and flowers are constructed from lines,filling dimension between surface and line and often when we encounter this fascinating space of dimension which he has installed, we will experience the unique taste of his sculptural works.


 The National Museum of Modern Art, Kwacheon Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul Busan Museum of Modern Art, Busan Daejeon Museum of Art, Daejeon Daelim Museum of Art, Seoul Sonjae Museum of Art, Kyungju Ehwa Univ. Museum, Seoul Shin Museum of Art, Cheongju Jebiwool Museum of Art, Kwacheon Jaha Art Museum, Seoul Leeum Samsung Museum of Art, Seoul Poma, Pohang Kyunggido Art Museum, Ansan

Public Art

Hakata Riverain Building, Hukuoka Pointview Properties Corporation, LondonSwire Corporation, Hong Kong



Cheong Kwang Ho: The Treachery of Sculptures, Singapore  

Kwang Ho Cheong's Solo Exhibition, YHD Project, Seoul, Korea 
On Every Borders Flower Blooms, Daejon Museum of Art, Seoul Korea 

Modernity and the Beyond in Korean Art, Singapore Art Museum, Singapore 
Natura: Hongjoo Kim and Kwangho Cheong, Gana Art Center, Seoul, Korea 

Kwang Ho Cheong's Solo Exhibition, Canvas International Art Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands  
Lines in Space, Gyeonggi Museum of Art, Ansan, Korea 

Simply Beautiful: Breath of Nature in Korea 
Contemporary Art, Centre Pasqu Art, Switzerland 
Softness, Seoul Olympic Museum of Art, Korea 

Art and Mathematics, Savina Museum of Contemporary Art, Seoul, Korea 

Amori Show, Gallery Hyundai, New York, United States 
New Acquisition, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea 
Officina Asia, Galleria d'Arte Moderna, Bologna, Italy


"A Scene from A Memory: A Group Exhibition" featuring 16 Korean Artists at Ode to Art Contemporary
Various Artists
A Scene From A Memory -- "A Scene from a Memory" is set to be an unforgettable stamp of the Korean contemporary art scene in Singapore. With a roster of 16 internationally exhibited artists who have redefined the concept of scenery in their individual styles, the exhibition will showcase a unique, unexpected, and pleasantly surprising array of artworks that will transform how the audience perceive nature and their surroundings. From Jung Kwang Sik's aerial view of landscape carved on black granite to Lee Lee Nam's moving paintings on LED screens, and from Park Seung Mo's clever layering of individually cut steel mesh to Bahk Seon Ghi's floating charcoal pieces, the exhibition seeks to explore the boundless representations of sceneries and the objects that constitute them. In the end, it is when the viewer interacts with the scenery that the real representation begins. Date: 9 -- 15 May 2013 Artists: Bahk Seon Ghi, Cheong Kwang Ho, Choi Young Wook, Jung Kwang Sik, Kim Jong Hak, Kim Joon, Kong Sung Hoon, Lee Jae Hyo, Lee Hee Joong, Lee Jae Sam, Lee Lee Nam, Park Seung Mo, Park Sung Tae, Son Bong Chae, Yoo Bong Sang, Yoo Seung Ho


Various Artists
A Scene From A Memory

A Scene From A Memory is a group exhibition featuring the works of sixteen Korean artists including Jung Kwang Sik , Park Seung Mo

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