Lee Ji Yen



About The Artist

Born in 1979 in Korea, Lee attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Hong-Ik University in 2005. She went on to pursue postgraduate education at Goldsmiths, University of London, where she graduated with a Master's Degree in 2010. Prior to her first solo exhibition in Seoul in 2011, Lee's artwork was exhibited in countries including China and the UK. She participated in group exhibitions including the "Collage of Memory" in Beijing, the "2010 Art Edition" in Busan and the MFA Degree Show at the Goldsmiths Ben Pimlott Building in London. 

Korean artist Jiyen Lee beautifully manipulates images of crowds to create captivating works of art. It is a distorted reality that looks completely real and impossible at the same time. From crowded stands to intertwining escalators, Jiyen's patterns provoke the imagination. Her series of hypnotizing digital collages present people going up and down stairs, as seen from a bird's eye view. Each puzzling assemblage features an unidentifiable traffic of pedestrians on an endless journey. It also remains unclear whether they are actually ascending or descending the steps in front of them, as Lee has taken the artistic liberty of reconfiguring images in unimaginable compositions. Like an M. C. Escher painting, the artist's digitally manipulated images present a saturation of staircases with no perceivable beginning or end.
Through a dismantling of space, real space turns into an imaginary space, and the people within it, existing between anonymity and individuality, create a great rhythm. Similar to the saying that "all things in the universe commune together as one," the people in these photographs resonate within a time and space that has no beginning or end. In her works, many different places in the world reappear as a conceptual space between utopia and dystopia, and ultimately these different spaces come together to create another, larger space.  

04 Belt final selection, COEX, Seoul, Korea 
07 'Private Public', Salon de H, Seoul, Korea 
BELT 2011 - Photo Semi Final, Yoo Art Space, Seoul, Korea 

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M.F.A University of London, Goldsmiths, Fine Art, London, UK

B.F.A Hong Ik University, Sculpture, Seoul, Korea Selected Solo Exhibition



Selected Group Exhibitions 

07 KOREAN EYE, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK
05 Spoon Art Fair - Emerging Artist Special eExhibition, Grand Hyatt Hotel, HK
04 Beijing Art Fair, Gallery IMAZZO, Beijing, China
02 AHAK, Keumsan Gallery, Mandarin Oriental Hotel, HK
02 'Parallel world' Gallery IMAZZO, Seoul, Korea

10 KOREA TOMORROW-Womad Code, Seoul Soka Art Center,   Korea
05 'Electronic Nostalgia', Art Space Loo, Seoul, Korea
01 'Urban Landscape' Parkyusookgallery, Seoul, Korea

11 'Collage of Memories' Soka Art Center, Beijing, China
10 AAF- 'Recent Graduate Exhibition' London, UK 

Shortlist Winner (Photography) BELT 2011 Print/Photography/Media Art, Korea Print Photography Promotion Association 

Goldsmiths University Collection, London, UK
Lewisham Hospital Collection, London, UK 

Candy & Candy Company, London, UK