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Dou Rong Jun

Oil on Canvas
150 x 120cm


In this painting titled "Recollection", Dou Rong Jun uses ranges of smoky shades of grey and red. The fluidity of his paint explores the theme of souvenir, reminiscence, and memory, blurred by time and driven by the sensations. His models seem lost in their thoughts, staring with a blank gaze at the transition of man's emotions. The artist goes deeper into the art of painting, way beyond representation of obvious emotions such as joy or fear: he defies himself to depict deeper inner states, entering in a work of introspection. Achieving his pursuit, his model's attitude transpires philosophical states and intimate thoughts.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in 1971 in Nanjing, Dou graduated from the Nanjing Art Institute with a B.A. degree. Dou currently teaches fine art in Shanghai while pursuing his art practice. Intricate and moving depictions have always been one of the essential characteristics of paintings. Dou Rong Jun chooses to use the language of paintings to capture the subject's details and the subtle, delicate stories between people that are not always easy to grasp. In each of his works, there is sensitivity with every brushstroke and an apt conveyance of emotion. He has exhibited extensively in China and South Asia.  Read More

  • +Critique

    Me and You: Regarding Dou Rong Jun's Oil Paintings 

    At different intervals, everyone's development leaves different memories. Youthful faces become old and fragile, innocent eyes grow numb. Different life experiences, different trails of emotions; every message about life is recorded on each of our individual bodies. Thus, we often can read one or many stories from minute details of the body.

    Meanwhile, because of interaction with other people and the influence of the resulting relationships, those same stories may not be hard to read from the body. To compound the issue, every relationship has its own distances and perspectives and can be seen from different angles, leaving impressions on both bodies of the parties involved. As humans, much of our existence and sense of being is inextricably tied to the various relationships we have in society. The principles and standards for various relationships adapt to the changing times. However, the most basic things about interpersonal relationships remain the same. In the artist's works, many moments are condensed, making relationships between people more transparent and clear.

    Intricate and moving depictions have always been one of the essential characteristics of paintings.

    Dou Rong Jun chooses to use the language of paintings to capture the subject's details and the subtle, delicate stories between people that are not always easy to grasp. In each of his works, there is sensitivity with every brushstroke in a highly appropriate conveyance of emotion. At the same time, he possesses an uncanny ability to control the picture's surface, enabling every single painting's overall appeal to be extremely strong, such that it arrests the attention and stirs up the feelings of viewers. On the spatial plane of the canvas, the contrasts and positions of the subjects' forms express the tension and melodious harmony between the subjects. All of this has been so well condensed into the artist's language of art that it does not reveal traces in his artworks.

    For the viewer, every single work by Dou Rong Jun impacts them with an unadulterated, cultural and sociological experience. Dou has transported his personal, inner thoughts onto his works, using similar youths as subjects to represent emotions, to express life.

    I, as the artist himself and you, it can be anyone of you; any person with relations. It is this understanding of you and me that co-exists in the artists' inner world.

    All this while, Dou Rong Jun's works have continued to portray youthful males, poised in different positions and expressions. Hiding in the background of cold grey or in the warm grey, they stare with blank gazes at the transitions of Man's emotions.

  • +Exhibitions

    The Other Side of Painting- Recent Wroks by Dong Rongjun and Tang Shu, Aroundspace Gallery, Shanghai, China

    Speciman: Dou Rongjun's Works Show, Aroundspace Gallery, Shanghai, China
    Annual Exhibition of Contemporary Art, Nanjing, China
    Crossover: Seven Chinese Artists Paintings Show, Aroundspace Gallery, Shanghai, China

    Community! Community!, Songzhuang Art Festival ,Beijing, China
    The first layer of skin: Five Artists Paintings, Nanjing, China

    You and I: Solo Exhibition in Singapore, Ode To Art, Singapore
    Sleepless in dry: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing, China
    Present: New Works by Shanghai artists, Shanghai, China
    Together: Six Artists Exhibition, Shanghai, China

    Fractal Image: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing, China

    Cutting-edge development of figurative painting
    Singapore Art, Singapore
    Shanghai Spring Art Salon, Shanghai, China

    Poly Spring Exhibition of Contemporary Art Auction, Hangzhou, China

    Dust: Solo Exhibition, Shanghai, China
    Art Location: General Painting Exhibition, Shanghai, China

    Weightlessness: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanghai, China

    Oil Painting Exhibition, Jiangsu , Nanjing, China

    2002 Jointly Create: Contemporary Art Exhibition, Nanjing, China 

    Jiangsu Education Art Exhibition, Honorable Mention, Nanjing, China

    Meeting the New Century: Jiangsu Oil Painting Exhibition, Bronze, Nanjing, China

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