Min Yiyao

Breeze 风-13
Oil on Canvas, 120 x 150 cm

USD 4,800 – 6,800


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About the artwork

Smooth, delicate and flawless in finish; Min YiYao captures the delicacy and grace of a feminine face, exaggerating the eyes to bring life to her expression of disconnection, giving her an overall air of porcelain perfection. The colors used play on expressionism as they stray from reality but the details remain remarkable, with every eyelash distinct as its own light, delicate strand. The depiction brings to mind a dancer or performer of some kind that could be further interpreted into social commentary in its abstract offerings.

About the artist

Born in Xi'an, Shanxi Province and graduating from Xi'an Fine Art Academy. Min Yiyao's figurative works have been featured in major exhibitions in China, with solo and group exhibitions spanning Beijing, Xiamen, Shanghai, Nanjing, Taipei, Belgium, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia and Singapore. In Min's works, the language of his technique draws the viewer in rather that the image itself. He alludes to fauvist influences and a tinge of surrealism. The artist fascinates the viewer with a reversal of the norms expected of a portraiture piece. 

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