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L3 - COP_001096, 2017

Acrylic on Canvas
122 x 122cm


Hearts, butterflies, flower-like clouds; these are all signature features in Coplu's surrealist landscapes. A giant butterfly, formed by two heart-shaped wings, covered in hearts, towers over a line of people. They stare at the orange sky before them, the man at the front holding a cloud, as if about to release it into the sunset coloured sky. The image is filled with a sense of hope, perhaps in what is to come, as it captures the very moment of something on the brink of happening, something about to change.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in the Turkish town of Ushak, Coplu brought into the art world his distinctive style of cartoons, filled with warm and sentimental characters that range from silly to profound. Highly recognized and exhibited, the artist has won many competitions and accolades for his artworks and has been published in various media in Turkey, South East Asia and across Europe. He has also established an Open Air Cartoon Exhibition Space and the Cartoon School of Antalya. Part of many prestigious collections, the artist has been exhibited the world over, including France, Italy, the US, Germany and Spain.  
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  • +Critique

    Artist Statement

    "My work is a mirror that reflects the feelings, beliefs, thoughts, fears and experiences that we all share in life. The subjects of my paintings are the relationships between ourselves, and the environments we are connected to. My figures are mostly on the edge of contrasting feelings such as hope and despair, joy and pain, love and hate. I aim to provoke viewer's thoughts with contradictions because most of our acts and instincts encompass these. 

    Generally, there are three strong elements in my paintings that I have the privilege to combine, all of which I try to express a vibrancy through - color, humor and technique. Being raised alongside broad cultural diversities, where all feelings and levels of expression were represented by color, they became very much part of my life. Humor is a key element in my paintings as I try to see the funny side in all things - I believe it is one of the most effective ways to open minds and raise consciousness.

    Being a self-taught artist I have had the opportunity of developing my free style and uniqueness through having a free soul and mind. I try to combine my creative elements in a simple, instinctive way so that they strike a chord with anybody who has experienced what life brings their way. I have just recently decided to publish my work for the first time in 20 years offering collectors exclusive limited edition prints. Life is Beautiful… "

  • +Exhibitions

    Solo Exhibition "Fly To Love" Ode To Art Gallery-Singapore

    State of the Art Gallery - Hong Kong
    Ode to Art Gallery - Singapore & Kuala Lumpur

    Ode to Art Gallery - Singapore & Kuala Lumpur
    Art Attack Gallery - Dubai
    State of the Art Gallery - Hong Kong

    Ode to Art Gallery - Singapore & Kuala Lumpur 

    State of the Art Gallery – Hong Kong 

    MJC des 4 Bordes Metz - France

    Eurocentre-La Rochelle - France 

    Room George Chepfer Nancy - France 

    International Contemporary Art Fair Malaga - Spain 

    Galleri Hittite Toronto - Canada 

    Vienna Centre - Vienna – Austria 

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