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Lee Jung Woong
Brush, 2010

Oil On Korean Paper
79 x 4 x 198cm


Exemplifying the use of formative principles, Lee Jung Woong’s works contain an inherent harmony of space, place, proportionality and visual perception that bring about an image seemingly devoid of misplacement or elements that are distorted. This results in an imitation that transcends the canvas to express dimension, depth and texture, almost as much as a tangible object would. Moving beyond pure aesthetics, however, this piece plays on the balance between space and energy. It is composed of a liberated splash that moves into a single sweeping stroke, this contrasts with the wide expanse of it’s base to comment on the clash of oriental and Western, and the balance of energy. Yin and Yang, dark and light are positioned together to form a cathartic image of tranquility, while the motion and dynamism brings to focus the ever-changing, ever-moving nature of energy.

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  • +Artist Bio

    Born in Korea in 1963, Lee Jung Woong is the masterful creator of the internationally acclaimed 'Brush' series of paintings. Bold, profound and breathtakingly dramatic - Lee Jung Woong’s intricate works command lucidity in spite of the abstract, and empower the objects of his depiction with hyper-realistic life. Having attained his Masters in Fine Arts from Keimyung University, Korea, Lee’s works have been exhibited in several solo and group exhibitions worldwide, including America, Switzerland, Singapore and Spain and are part of prestigious auctions at Sotheby's and Christies. 
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  • +Exhibitions

    Strokes of Perception, Ode to Art Contemporary, Kuala Lumpur

    Suseong Artpia, Maek-Hyang Gallery, Daegu, Korea
    Motion in Stillness, Ode To Art Contemporary, Singapore

    Gana Art New Yor, NY, Chelsea
    Tsubaki Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
    Gallery TN, Beijing, China

    Gana Art Gallery, Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea
    Asia Art Center, Taipei, Taiwan

    Lee, Whaik Gallery, Seoul, Korea
    GSR Gallery, Beijing, China

    Gallery Wil, Seoul, Korea

    Gallery M, Daegu, KoreaInsa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

    Debec Plaza Gallery, Daegu, Korea
    Gongsan Gallery, Daegu, Korea

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